U.S. Navy Wants to “Hunt” Down NK Ships

U.S. Navy Wants to “Hunt” Down NK Ships

This week the administration of President Donald Trump began circulating a draft resolution at the United States Security Council that, if approved, would grant the U.S. Navy and Air Force unprecedented power over North Korea at sea.

According to The New York Times, the resolution would ban all shipments of oil, petroleum and natural gas to North Korea — and authorize U.S. military forces to enforce the ban using “all necessary measures.”

Were the resolution approved, U.S. Navy vessels would be authorized to intercept and board North Korean vessels at their discretion, which the Times noted “could set the stage for some of the tensest encounters on the high seas since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.”

During that crisis 55 years ago, then-President John F. Kennedy ordered the U.S. Navy to establish a blockade around Cuba to prevent Soviet thugs from delivering and installing ballistic missiles on the island.

Nikki Haley, the American ambassador to the U.N., said this week she hopes to bring the resolution to a vote by next Monday.

While the virtual blockade to be proposed by the Trump administration would not classify as an act of war, it could very well lead to war.

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