Trump set to extend sanctions relief to Iran

Trump set to extend sanctions relief to Iran

The United States will extend sanctions relief to Iran in accordance with the Obama administration’s 2015 nuclear agreement, according to multiple reports.

The Associated Press reported that President Donald Trump faces a Thursday deadline to extend the sanctions waivers under the terms of the deal.

Trump has frequently criticized the deal with Iran, but he has yet to rescind it. The report noted that the Trump administration is searching for ways that Tehran is not in compliance with the agreement ahead of a certification deadline next month. The Wall Street Journal noted that Trump has told Congress twice that Iran is in compliance.

Under the deal, in exchange for Tehran’s promise to roll back its nuclear program, the United States and some of its allies agreed to suspend sanctions on Iranian oil, trade, and finances. According to the Wall Street Journal, the United States agreed to waive a range of the sanctions on Iran and must renew the waiver every 120 days.

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