Why Trump Should Ignore The Swamp

Why Trump Should Ignore The Swamp

Laura Ingraham of Fox News suggested President Trump to believe in his “political instincts” rather than listen to the so-called Washington, D.C. swamp.

“The president is most successful when he sticks to his conservative, populist instincts,” she stated. “Even when he was assaulted by the Bush-Graham-McCain establishment, he did the right thing, and why? Because the people were with him. Part of the reason why he won this election, it was a major reason why he won this election. He is also best when he follows his political instincts — those raw political instincts that he has.”

“He’s not talked into things by card-carrying members of the swamp, who despise his agenda,” Ingraham continued. “Every time he lets the swamp lead, disaster follows. So, my advice tonight to the president: Stick to your agenda. Do not let investigations or Congress derail it or distract you. At a time when your numbers are up near 50 percent, and Congress’ — they’re cratering. You should be giving them advice, not the other way around.”

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