Trump Administration Gets Huge Win

Trump Administration Gets Huge Win

Recently, any lawsuits against Trump’s executive order banning refugee admissions were dismissed by the Supreme Court. They also announced that they would begin re-admitting refugees under a new screening process. This is a huge win for the Trump administration.

The refugee admissions to the United States resumed after “enhanced vetting” procedures for individuals from 11 countries that were deemed to pose a risk to the United States were put into place.

The Court’s decision to drop the case ends a round of litigation over the proposals that began in September, when new executive orders replaced the ones issued by the president in March.

Considering only one justice – Obama appointee Sonya Sotomayor – was not for vacating the lower court rulings. Especially given how large of a role immigration is set to play in the Trump administration, you can bet there were some smiles at the news at 1600 Pennsylvania.

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