Trump Accused Of Negatively Influencing Kids

Trump Accused Of Negatively Influencing Kids

Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View,” believes President Trump is “training American kids,” to racists and sexist bullies.

When discussing the topic of relationships who have different political views, Joy Behar said, “It’s like this is a whole different thing. We’re not talking about Republicans and Democrats. We’re talking about Donald Trump people who believe what he believes.”

Co-host Abby Huntsman interrupted, “But they’re not all bad people.”

Behar added, “They may not be bad people but they’re not offended by calling a woman horse face.”

Huntsman stated, “That’s actually not true. I talked to many Trump supporters who say they do not stand by everything that comes out of his mouth and everything that he tweets.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin then questioned, “AreA you still complicit in voting for him?”

Huntsman quickly replied, “Are you still complicit in voting for Bill Clinton?”

Joy Behar finished with, “I was thinking about the difference between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. When Bill Clinton did his dirty work, kids believed that oral sex was not sex for a while. That is the horrible influence that he had on American kids, which I deplored. This guy—this guy is training American kids to disrespect woman, call them names, to be racist in many ways, to be bullies. Even though his wife says ‘Be best’ and don’t bully, he is a bully.”