Senator Substantiates Trump’s “Genius” Remark

Senator Substantiates Trump’s “Genius” Remark

On ABC’s top show “The View,” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gave her honest and inspiring opinion that if President Trump wouldn’t label himself a genius, “nobody else will.”

Partial transcript as follows:

BEHAR: Saturday Trump called himself quote “like really smart” and a stable genius. Do you think he’s like really smart and a stable genius?

GRAHAM:  I think this, if he doesn’t call himself a genius, nobody else will.

NAVARRO: That was funny.

GRAHAM: The first thing I want to tell you he beat me like a drum. He ran against 17 Republicans and crushed us all. He ran against a Clinton machine and won. So all I can say is you can say anything you want to say about the guy. I said he was xenophobic race-baiting religious bigot. I ran out of things to say. He won. Guess what he’s our president.

BEHAR:  You’re calling him a xenophobic religious bigot?

GRAHAM: I did during the campaign.

BEHAR:  Yeah you did.

NAVARRO: Is he still all those things?

GRAHAM: In my view he is my president and doing a good job on multiple fronts. Again I’ll tell you why. I went into this thing not voting. I didn’t vote for the guy.