MSNBC Suggests Trump Lacks Integrity

MSNBC Suggests Trump Lacks Integrity

Journalist and commentator Roland Martin recently sat down MSNBC where he stated that Americans want to “return to a nation with a president who has integrity.”

Martin claims former President Barack Obama, had “zero indictments, zero convictions.”

Roland Martin stated, “Forget the folks in D.C., okay, because they’re going to always be cautious. That’s why, ideally, their messaging doesn’t matter, it’s what happens in individual congressional districts. What is happening here is you’re seeing Americans who are saying integrity matters, okay? At some point, it can’t be, ‘Well, that’s just Trump being Trump.’ No. When you constantly lie, every single day, media folks are starting to say, ‘this is a lie,’ calling those things out.”

“At some point, people of conscience go, ‘This is not how I want a president to behave, a president to act.’”

“Cohen, now you have the CFO, now you’re going to have David Pecker. When you see folks getting immunity deals, that’s a whole different deal than ‘I got interviewed.’ What Tom is doing is forcing people to say, return to a nation with a president who has integrity. Obama—eight years, zero indictments, zero convictions. Nearly two years of Trump, how many indictments? How many convictions? Case closed.”