Democrats Officially Hit Rock Bottom

Democrats Officially Hit Rock Bottom

People in the know are calling this the worst political ad of all-time.

Dan Helmer, who is running for Congress from Virginia, is the star of the show. “Star” used loosely.

Helmer actually sings, though, admittedly very poorly.

The ad combines the hit movies Top Gun and Grease into what becomes, well, just check it out…

From Free Beacon:

Democrat Dan Helmer, a candidate for Virginia’s 10th congressional district, released a campaign ad Monday entitled “Helmer Zone” that is being ripped across the board by journalists as one of the “worst ever” political ads.

It features candidate Helmer, wearing a shirt with “veteran” on it, and spotting current 10th District Rep. Barbara Comstock (R., Va.) at a bar. The scene is inspired by the classic 1986 Top Gun bar scene and is chock full of Goose/Maverick references, from The Righteous Brothers’s “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” to “danger zone.”


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