Democrat Spews Anti-Trump Speech

Democrat Spews Anti-Trump Speech

Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) told ABC News that the 2018 message of the Democrats is to rescue the country from “unhinged narcissist” President Donald Trump.

Partial transcript as follows:

STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to bring in Jay Inslee, now Democratic governor of Washington state, also the chair of the Democratic Governors Association. And — and — and Governor, let me pick up where John Kasich — one of the messages he was sending out this morning said Democrats have to have more of a message than simply defeat Donald Trump. Isn’t he right?

GOV. JAY INSLEE: Well I heard John’s message and what I heard is you’ve only got one option as an American voter this year and that’s to vote for Democrats, including Democratic governors. We’ve got three very powerful messages. Number one, we’re going to protect and expand healthcare, not strip it away. And you cannot trust the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Mike DeWine, to protect healthcare.

He’s made a — a lifetime passion for taking away healthcare that John helped establish in Ohio. That’s happening in Maine, in Florida, in Nevada. Our message is to expand healthcare for families. Second, our message is rescue America — and we will rescue America — from the grasp of an unhinged narcissist who is creating the chaos that John just talked about.

And that is why so many Republicans and independents and Democrats are banding together in this rescue mission for America. And the third message — and this is very fundamental to the Democratic party this year. We’re really defining gross domestic product the way it should be. The D in gross domestic product should mean domestic for families. And what we have learned and what we’ve learned in my state is that we have blown up the myth that if you actually focus on job creation and wage increase, that it somehow hurts your economy.

Look what we’ve done in my state. Raised the minimum wage, best family leave policy in America, net neutrality passed, voter rights, expansion of clean energy, expansion of access to college. What do you get? You get 62 cranes (ph) in Seattle, the best economy two out of the last three years in America. So those are three powerful messages. We need all of them. And it’s very remarkable to hear the governor of Ohio, a Republican, essentially agree that we need to do all those three things.

Talk about Trey — look, my — my ag industry is being hammered right now by — by this madness.